What Sets Us Apart

Unique Care for Unique People

When you visit Town Center Dental & Orthodontics, you’ll be seen and cared for as the remarkable individual you are. You’ll never be a number on a chart or teeth in the treatment chair; we’ll know your name, ask about your family, and remember our last conversation.

Dr. Darryl Nishihara, Dr. Won Chaekal, and our staff have created a practice that’s people oriented. We offer personalized, attentive dental and orthodontic care that’s tailored to each person’s clinical and personal needs. We excel at helping people achieve their healthiest, best smiles!

You Are the Top Priority

You are important to all of us. We want to learn who you are, and about your passions and experiences, and we want to be part of your life. Dentistry and orthodontics, at our practice, is about caring for people, not just fixing teeth and changing smiles.

Dental health affects the rest of one’s body, and the health of the body has an impact in the mouth. We want to help you take control of your oral health and overall wellness, so you can enjoy both for years to come!

Our Promises to You

Our doctors and team believe in caring for you as we would a family member: professionally, with compassion and respect. Town Center Dental & Orthodontics focuses on:

Communication: The best dental and orthodontic experiences, and happiest patients, start with clear and open communication. We want to know what you desire from care and any concerns you have. In turn, you deserve to be fully informed about your oral health and all possible treatment options. We encourage your questions, will answer them fully, and ensure you’re informed!

Advanced Care: Dentistry and orthodontics are constantly evolving. Our doctors stay current on developments in technology and techniques, so we’re able to deliver leading-edge care.

Comfort: Some people experience dental anxiety. We know and understand this and do not judge. We excel at helping people move from feeling fearful at the thought of a visit to being excited about caring for their smiles.

By offering gentle treatments, walking you through every procedure, and being attentive to your comfort at all times, we’ll help you get past your worries. After a couple of experiences here, you might even look forward to visiting us!

Schedule a Visit!

Please contact our friendly staff to schedule a visit for yourself or a loved one.

Everyone at Town Center Dental & Orthodontics looks forward to meeting you. We’d love to be your oral health partners, and work together to achieve a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles. Call us today!

Say Aloha!

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